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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $10

Texas Instruments TI-92 Graphing Calculator


Texas Instruments TI-92 Graphing Calculator

  • 10 MHz MC68000 Processor
  • 68K Ram
  • Pretty Print technology displays mathematical expressions as they appear in textbooks
  • QWERTY keyboard and large display; real-time rotation of 3-D surfaces
  • Electronically upgradable using flash technology
  • Input/output port and cable; also supports optional TI-GRAPH LINK. The screen is black because the brightness needs to be turned up. This happens when there are no batteries inside them. Please press the second button and the arrow up or down. Please repaet this until the desired brightness is achieved

Condition: Used, Tested, 100% Fully Functional, The school district we acquired these from spray painted the cover of these calculators, this does not affect the functionality of the calculator.

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